Like me, I’m sure some of you guys are asking “what the f uck is a c ondom?”

I’ve done some research (mainly through Google so it may not be entirely accurate) and I’ve found out that “c ondoms” are something you put on your d*ck when you want to have s ex because it’s safer.

Well, how about that? You learn something new every day.

All jokes aside, I like to have s ex without c ondoms. The past 12 girls I’ve had s ex with have all been without a c ondom, and I’m STD and baby-free. Someone I know has never used a condom and has had s ex with over 50 girls. He’s also STD and baby-free. (stay safe having s ex and get the same feeling with these Ultra Slim condoms)
The media likes to scare people about the issue of having “safer s ex”, and girls tend to get more scared about these sorts of things. Well, I say “scared”, but once they’re in the right mood then their defenses and cares dissipate pretty quickly.

I’ve picked up girls in bars and gone home straight after to have s ex with them without the use of a condom. I’ve met girls online and had s ex with them without a condom, and I’ve had some “flings” with girls all without using a condom. One thing I’ve noticed is that they’ll all mention using one at first, but it’s pretty easy to get them to agree to not using one.

I have problems with condoms. I struggle getting them on and require a special size (extra small, of course) to get them to fit otherwise they’re too tight and don’t roll down.
This kills the mood, kills my boner, and has resulted in me not having s ex because I wasn’t confident enough to push the idea of not using one.

1. Simply don’t have a condom

That’s right, just don’t buy any. Don’t have any reserves and don’t have a special one tucked away somewhere “just in case”.

Sometimes you can be in bed with a girl and you’ll try to have s ex without one, but she knows you have a stash. She’ll want to use one because her “anti slut defense” and “hamster” will kick in so as not to appear as that kind of girl.

When things get heated and she asks if you have any condoms, say “no”. Frustrate her enough from then on by getting her to crave your d ick so much so that she doesn’t care about using one in the end. This is my favorite and most trusted technique. Job done.

2. Convince her to get the morning after pill

I don’t want to have a baby, but I want to have lots of s ex without worrying about condoms. Despite contrary stories on the internet, I haven’t actually come across any girls that are looking to trap me (yet), but my concerns are strong and I’m very careful not to risk anything.

When a girl gets s exually frustrated and really wants you to f uck her, all you have to do is provide her with an excuse to do it. Living down the road from a pharmacy has helped me massively, because I could convince the girl to get the morning after pill “to be sure” the next day.

Convincing her is easy, especially if she knows you don’t have any condoms. If you’ve had s ex with her a couple of times in the night with a condom however, and want to switch to not using one, the “we can get the morning after pill tomorrow to be sure” line works a treat.

The next day, march her down to the pharmacy yourself or demand you get a picture of the pill off of her.

Note: For extra effectiveness, add “I’ll help pay towards it” too, even if you won’t.

3. Flip the script

If you’re a super confident guy like I am, girls will automatically think you’re having lots of s ex with lots of girls. They therefore then starting working themselves up into a panic that you may have STDs and will refuse to have s ex without a condom with you because of this.

The best way to deal with this is to pre-empt it as if SHE is the one to be concerned about.

I’ll suggest the idea of not using a condom and then ask “but are you clean?” and begin to quiz her about her s exual health. “When was the last time you had an STD check?”, “what were the results?”, and “have you had a check since the last time you had s ex?”. I’ll make it seem like a real concern for me.

She’ll get into a defensive mode. Of course she’s clean! She always gets checked! She doesn’t normally have s ex without a condom! She hasn’t had s ex in a while so there’s been no need to have a check since her last one! Are you clean?!

I give her a look as if to say “stupid question” given my concern before. There. Job done. She suspects you’re clean and you’re good to go. You’ve given her a valid reason to go for it which is exactly what she needed to hear, even if she has her suspicions. Telling her this way will make your story more believable. She just needs a reason to say yes.

Note: For extra effectiveness, tell her the date of your last STD check and how you got your results, even if you never had a check.

4. Just stick it in

Probably the most effective method is to just stick it in.

I’ve had a few girls where I’ve just stuck my d*ck in them and dealt with with her concerns afterwards. Most girls are too horny to worry about it but if you play it cool and don’t make a big issue out of it, you can just stick it in without complaint.

One girl stands out in my mind. She said we weren’t going to have s ex, but we were nak*d and she was visibly frustrated. I was teasing her with my d*ck by rubbing the tip up and down her p ussy and after a while I whispered to her “shall I just put it in?”. She closed her eyes and didn’t say anything, so I just stuck it in. No complaints whatsoever.

Some girls DO NOT WANT TO SAY YES VERBALLY, but you will know when they’re cool with it. It’ll also keep their reputations intact because they don’t want to come across as “that type of girl”.

When she tells her mates about her encounter with you, she can blame you for doing it then because she didn’t verbally say you could. She’ll avoid embarrassment for telling you to do it, her mates will call you an asshole, and she’ll be more attracted to you as a result. Win, win.

Find a girl already using birth control Of all the ways to get a girl to have s ex with you without a condom, the best way is to find those special girls that are on the pill or who have an implant.

5. There’s no way of finding these girls by just looking at them. It’s pot luck

If a girl is on the p ill, she’s got absolutely no intention of having s ex with a condom. It’s why she got on the pill in the first place. You may have to use method number 3 just to tip her over the edge, but these girls are good to go straight from the off with their ready made excuse.

Note: For the most effective way to find these girls, buy a sniffer dog to smell for any traces of blood between a girl’s legs. O.GISTCondom,Sex
Like me, I’m sure some of you guys are asking “what the f uck is a c ondom?” I’ve done some research (mainly through Google so it may not be entirely accurate) and I’ve found out that “c ondoms” are something you put on your d*ck when you want to...