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Picture Stories Of Face Of Arise Africa 2018

#Face of Arise Africa 2018 Picture stories

The Ceo of Face of Arise Africa, Mr Ikechukwu Anyanwu flagged off the event with an opening prayer before the national protocols and other proceedings.

Immediately after that, the anchors of the event Petronilla & Vickylonia were urshered into the hall. The hall was packed to its fullest capacity. Keynote address delivered by Hon Lugard Osuji, Enyioha Chris Anyanwu, Engr Ndubuisi Uba and Dr Linus Okorie- a leadership development expert.

Christie Peters, Bar Philip Ogwuegbu, Chuks Okereke & Kaycee Anyanwu were later introduced as judges as the stage was set for top models who made it to the grand finale- as they came out in their various attires -Casual wear, cultural, talent/show, dinner wears.

It can be recalled that 26 contestants originally began the contest and was cut down to top 10 who finally made it to the camp

Their first outing was the contestants unity dance, modeling of various wears, talkshow and interview segment

The organizers revealed that the winner of Face of Arise Africa would be on the cover of Arise Africa as the international magazine which seeks to raise the beautiful continent of Africa was unveiled to the public

The highlight of the event was the Arise Africa Awards. The prestigious award ceremony attracted a large number of stakeholders in the political, hospitality, banking, education, entertainment and media.

Thank you all for being part of Africa Arising!

Pictures taken by John Peters, Dude Studio,


The CEO Speech In Full

Speech By CEO Face of Arise Africa,

Special Thanks to Almighty God for making Face of Arise Africa 2018 a reality.

Starting this project was a heinous task coming from the background of hospitality industry, youth & leadership development, where I have devoted most of my entire life I have always sought for how to make a positive difference.

I stand on behalf of the organizers of this event to thank you all for honouring our invitation and being a part of this project.

I am humbled by your kind gesture and cannot but help appreciate it for what it truly means to me.

What began as a dream is today a reality.
With utmost consideration of our experiences on the years past. I wish to share our visions with you and how to take our messages from Africa to the rest of the world.

I must confess that regardless of the accolades that we are receiving in our evaluation of our performances, what you have read and seen before you today is not the best of us. We are not celebrating success but rather our struggle and strengthing our courage to forge on. No matter how daunting the task is, we have stood despite our challenges

If you travel outside, you would discover that there is this view about Africa in the eyes of the world . This vision is geared redefining that view.
We are raising the beautiful continent of Africa one information at a time through our publication, human resource development/vocational centers, pageantry, Events -we are making a positive difference in our world today.

When we talk of redefining Africa.
FAPA will look beyond the color being black, we are celebrating Africa. We are projecting Africa, and we are telling the world that Africa is beautiful. We are using beauty to project talents, we are using beauty to project skills, initiatives, ideas. We are telling the world that there are lots of potentials in Africa.

Our culture is an integral part of who we are. We are proud of our cultural heritage. But it’s sad to note that we have lost it in this area . Many of our youths are losing it that is why we embarked on this mission to recreate our ethical, moral and cultural values.

That is why this project has been impacting good norms and values to our youths without looking at anyone.

Ariseafrika.com is an independent media outfit. Which began firstly as a blog before getting into bia monthly print edition of the magazine, model management. We are also on a movement geared towards re-engineering the mindset of our youths.

The future lies with the youths and they need to be steered away from negative influences. To awaken our youths our theme would be *Today’s Youths In Global Leadership*

The project of redefining Africa will not be a complete exercise without Nigerians. Nigerians in Nigeria and beyond needs to share in this educative, thrilling experience that rekindles devotion, patriotism

Nation Building is our collective responsibility and Arise Africa will continue to do so.

*Vision of Face of Arise Africa In Brief*

Arise Africa seeks to develop and encourage youths to embrace their full potentials in all spheres of human endeavour and not to feel alienated by the present severe socioeconomic conditions. The youths must be challenged to recover lost values through the same cooperative dedication and strength that must pull them out of the fangs of poverty.

In today’s world, there is a quest among our youths to explore their talents and be identified as celebrities but due to the non availability of adequate platforms in Africa for self discovery, young talent models, artist have become susceptible to the sacrilegious and lewd sexuality driven Tv shows which leads to lots of social irresponsibliy among young people in Nigeria and Africa at Large.

The entertainment industry has been so much bastardized hence the need for change. This is why we came up with Face of Arise Africa aimed at creating the right platform for our youths to be empowered through our intensive entrepreneurial skill acquisition training while harnessing their talents and potentials.

It is for these reasons and many more that GCFN Consult and Sommies Ltd (Top notch consulting company that specializes in Human Resources Development, in public relations, Planning and execution, Events Management) came up 28th the Face of Arise Africa Pageant.

Fave of Arise Africa is the first of its kind and the biggest Award held annually geared towards celebrating people, places and values. Geared towards inspiring and nurturing young talented models.

For 8 weeks, contestants from across Africa came to Nigeria to battle for the crown which firstly began with an online contest,(THE QUEEN or Face of Arise in Africa) After the 1st Audion which held at Blue Ribbon, Lounge Shoprite and second which held at Dude Digital Studios we had lots of contestants making it the next stage. Today we are gathered to witness the grand finale

A big thanks my friends and brethren who have supported this vision sacrificially

Team Arise Africa, members of GCFN and all my partners. Thanks for all the sacrifice of time, talent and treasure to ensure that Arise Africa Vision stands out.

*Our Goal*
Arise Africa will present a unique contemporary innovation that will give hope, sooth hearts and uplift and promote ethical, cultural and moral values unlike most contests.

We will raise a generation of young people accustomed to godly values, integrity, honesty, self esteem, good character, poise, charm personality, beauty, eloquent.

Arise Africa will encourage young models by discovering and developing their talents.

Educate, Equip and Empower them with skills that would take them to the top and not abandon their dreams because of lack of adequate platforms.

Arise Africa will cloud the entertainment/celebrity industry echelon with young models that would serve as role model for the young generation.

Arise Africa will ingnite the passion that will enable young people aaquire the needed inspiration for the emancipation of African continent

We will birth in some level of ethical and social implication for true modelling in Africa, because this is not just another beauty pageant but a platform to empower our youths.

In conclusion we can not be disintegrating when the rest of the world are integrating for synergy and mutual welfare. A clear example is the French National team that won the last world Cup. It was made up mostly of blacks. These where people whom their country of birth did not give opportunity for their dreams to thrive, yet they launched out …

We as a people from this part of the world must come together to design a modern State. A just Pan -African society where every black man can stand proud.
Nothing else can satisfy this dream of a society that is built on Truth, Justice and freedom for the promotion of a dignified African life

Arise Imo
Arise Nigeria
Arise Africa


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