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#BBNaija 2018 Day 66: The Talking Couch

#BBNaija 2018 Day 66: The Talking Couch

The odds of the Yes task that Big Brother came up with in the #bbnaija house seemed to have favoured Alex today because she was allowed her to do exactly what she likes, unsolicited advocating and the golden one, talking.

The card she wound up with was without a doubt a sign from the universe, assuring her that it was okay to be crazy; crazy to the point of engaging a couch.

She settled right into it and made it known that many of the viewers will try guessing what her responses would be and that she feels like the podium was meant for her.

She went on to tell the couch that she commends herself for having recognised her mental stability and a lack on the #bbnaija Housemates’ front; telling the couch to personify her a little. She went on further to say that with the steeped emotional roller-coasters that the #bbnaija Housemates have had to involuntarily endure, she also be crazy and unstable too.

She went on to tell the couch not to get her wrong and that her job is pretty; positioned here and only moved when absolutely necessary. The #bbnaija Housemates on the other hand have had to carry much greater weight than she would ever have to endure.

She went on to reveal that people should not get it twisted, as like any self-respecting couch, she actually likes the fabric from which It was cut and absolutely loathe being stained and forced to enjoy the meals the #bbnaija Housemates have, especially when it’s overly salted beans and uncooked noodles; which are to say the least, not its cuisines of choice.

Furthermore, she made it known that the couch was all for the liquid courage and fun but it just doesn’t enjoy being vomitted on and it’s absolutely disrespectful, even as it stinks. She also made it known that the couch has banned Rico Swavey from finding comfort on it when he gets drunk.

The couch through Alex also made it known that it would love to dust the disrespect off of Miracle, Tobi and Alex for thinking its right to fart on it.

Although it hasn’t been smooth sailing with this bunch, it wasn’t all storms either. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to how much they loathed each other and thought of each other as fake, saying it would laugh if it could.

The gossip sessions are the absolute best, I mean, how do they know so much about each other? The lot is so ‘personality vigilant’ that all they see in each other are faults and imperfections. What do they say about glass houses again? How I wish I could instil a little wisdom on them.

Alex went on further to make it known that the couch feels there is nothing like carrying the #bbnaija Housemates weights, watching them cry and allowing them to find solace on it.

As for their shouting matches, classic. The couch also doesnt want to have anymore of Tobi and Cee-C’s good again, bad again conversations. All in all, The couch, through Alex made it known that it will write a book about the #bbnaija housemates.

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Posted by PRINCE O. On April 5, 2018

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