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Checkout The Top 10 Most Populated States In Nigeria (Number 3 Many Die)

The last official Census in Nigeria was performed in 2006; the next one was set for 2016 but got postponed to 2018 due to the aggravated economic crisis.

If you want to know all the detail about the top ten most populated states in Nigeria, we suggest you get acquainted with the official data and information from journal TIN, which collects data from various information sources.

1. Lagos State

The population of Lagos is 21m people. This district held the top position on the list of most populated states in Nigeria for a long time, however, got moved to second position in 2006. According to the census results of 2006, the population of the state was 9.01 million and in 2012, 7.68m people were registered here. The state government claimed that 17.5m Nigerians lived in Lagos; these figures were however contested and found to be unreliable.

As at 2017, population indicators suggest that the population of Lagos has grown 21.6m.

Lagos is the largest city in not just Nigeria, but throughout Africa. It also has the 2nd position in Africa and the 7th in the world in terms of growth rate. This city is the major center of business and economic life in our country. The GDP of Lagos is $90 billion, which makes it hold 5th place in the rating of economic development contributors in Africa.

2. Kano State

According to data collected in 2017, the population of Kano State is 14m. In 2006, the census results stated that 9.38m people live in the state. This state, which is the biggest competitor of Lagos state, held the position of the most populated state in the country for many years. In 2011, its population was said to be 11m.

3. Oyo state

This area is located in the south-west of Nigeria and its capital is Ibadan. According to census of 2006, this state holds the fifth position on this list with a population of 5.6m. In 2007, 6.6m Nigerians lived in this region according to the local government. More recent information of 2016 says that there are 15m people living in the state.

4. Kaduna State

The population of Kaduna state is 12m. This region is located in the central-north of the country and holds about 59-63 ethnic groups, of which Fulani and Hausa are dominant. An additional check is needed to establish the exact number of ethnic groups in the region.

In 2006, 6m people lived in Kaduna state, according to the official census carried out.

5. Rivers state

The population of Rivers state is 11m. According to the official census report of 2006, there were 5.18m living in the state. The capital of this region is Port Harcourt; it is one of the largest cities which have important economic influence in Nigeria and a big center of the oil industry. There is a rich diversity of ethnic groups in Rivers state.

6. Katsina State

According to recent estimates, there are 10m Nigerians in this region. It is located in the north-west of Nigeria and has a capital with the same name. This state was created out of Kaduna state in 1987.

It occupants are mostly Hausas and Fulanis. In 2006, the state’s population was 5.79m.

7. Bauchi State

The population of Bauchi state is 9m and its capital is the city of Bauchi. The region was established in 1976 during the reformation of the North-Eastern state. Initially, its borders covered the territory of Gombe state, which acquired the status of a separate region in 1996.

According to 2006 Census, 4.6m people lived here at the time.

8. Anambra State

8m Nigerians currently live in this eastern region, and as at 2006, the figure was 4.18m. The government center and capital of the state is Awka. It has large industrial and commercial cities like Nnewi and Onitsha.

98% of the population are Igbos, while the remaining 2% are Igala indigenes living in the north-western areas.

9. Jigawa State

The local population of Jigawa state is currently 8.1m and as at 2006, the figure was 4.3m. A homogeneous socio-cultural situation has formed in the state, its population is made up mostly of Fulanis, Hausas and Kanuris. Despite the fact that these tribes retained their ethnic identity, they still share marriage and religious connections.

There is quite a high fertility rate in this area (6.2 children to 1 woman). 90% of the region’s population live in rural areas, and their gender proportions are even.

10. Benue State

This state holds the tenth position on this list with a population of 8m. It is situated in the middle part of the country. 4.2 million Nigerians lived here as at 2006. The majority of its population are from Idoma and Tiv. There is also quite a lot of people from other ethnic groups in the area.

Now you know the 10 most populated states in Nigeria according to the official Census of 2006 and the estimations of 2016; we hope this information was interesting and useful to you.


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